Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas PJ's!

Hadley could be Gymboree's new model - sporting the new E.T. line. She's actually frowning because the neck was so tight she couldn't get her new PJ's off her head.

Isn't my baby girl beautiful?

Brianna is growing up so fast. She had to have a nightgown vs. pj's so that she could spin and the pj's would spin with her. Elise wised up and got her some with sleeves. The Royal's summer nightgown that I got her a year ago (with no sleeves) goes down to her, oh, mid-calf. It was time.

Mia insists on wearing short-sleeved pj's and shorts (and she insists on sleeping with the ceiling fan on full blast and often goes without covers). And, if left to her own devices, she'd sleep in her soccer uniform every night. So Elise had a great idea and sent me to the Kansas Sampler to get her an over-sized soccer shirt (Go 'Sporting KC!') that could serve as her own nightgown of sorts. It was a brilliant move and Mia LOVES it!

They're ready! They've been counting the days for weeks now. They've also been counting and comparing gifts among the sisters. This has tempered the euphoria and anticipation with some despair. Elise said it best last night as she was putting more gifts under the tree: "I'm sure we'll wake up to some excited squeals when they see these and, of course, some intense bawling."

We can't wait.
Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night!

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