Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Girl's First Movie

The girls went to their first movie theater movie. Heartland treated the staff and their families to the Muppets. We of course were the last ones to make it into the theater and therefore had to sit on the second row.

Hadley was terrified during the previews. She hugged me tight with eyes closed and I covered her ears. She kept asking me to take her home. I kept assuring her that the actual movie wouldn't be scary. Dan was pea green with envy that I was getting the precious hugs.

But the girls had a blast. Both Mia and Brianna ate a bag of popcorn each and downed one HUGE Slurpee. Hadley also loved the popcorn but was not a fan of the Slurpee. And they got to sit by one of the coolest PK's they idolize, Clara. Afterall, she is 5 and her dad is the fun guy. The bar has been set high for expensive movie goers.

Thank you Heartland for a fun event.


pam said...

Sweet! Except the 2nd row views....I might be gulping back some nausea right now over that fact. Merry Christmas to the Deebles! I love peeking into your world. May His favor rest on all of you in this coming year and especially Father, keep them healthy and strong! Much joy and wonderment to you all over the holidays!

dan and elise said...

Thank you Pam! We so love your perspective and how you rejoice with us in the little adventures of life. Bless you and your family this Christmas as well! -dan and elise