Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas - A New Day

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So the other night after the girls had been asking for days, I finally sat down (late at night) and wrapped some presents. As I was wrapping I said to Dan. I wonder if this will be the year that there are tears over who got more gifts. The problem was that Brianna has a big gift that won't go out until Christmas eve and her other gifts had not yet arrived in the mail. Dan said "Nah, and we don't really want to start playing that game."

The next morning the delighted squeal out of each of the girls when they saw the gifts under the tree was awesome. Then they started pulling each of the gifts out and checking to see which one was for who. Well Mommy called it. We instantly had tears when Brianna realized she only had 2 gifts at the time under the tree. Dan said "well, you called it". Bri is our drama queen.

Daily I have to spend time in the evening putting the presents back under the tree. They all get pulled out and grouped into piles or just scattered to see if there is anything new.

Oh the excitement and joy of being a child at Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I am excited about my gift that is under the tree that I also wrapped. I am only pouting a little bit that Dan is making me wait until Christmas. :)


pam said...

We mark our girls gifts with fake names so they don't know which gift goes to who---- we still do and they're 22 & 26. Last year they were Hobby & Lobby. Some years they are reindeer names. I always ask my Facebook friends for suggestions and that is really fun.

dan and elise said...

oh that's a GREAT idea! Really fun!