Friday, May 18, 2012

My New Favorite Past Time

So my vegetable garden is proving to be my new favorite hobby.  When the house gets loud, wild and crazy, I tell Dan I am going out to my garden for a minute.  I just love training the tomatoes up their cages, doing a little pruning and checking on the progress of all my plants.  I also use to love watering but the nursery slapped my hands on spraying water everywhere and I now have soaker hoses.  NO FUN.

We have also had three salads from our backyard.  AWESOME!!!  Even if we don't actually eat another thing from the garden, I have had a blast.  I am already plotting at least two more raised beds for next year (maybe even three).  I am dying to do muskmelons, peas, beans and garlic.

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pam said...

Oh dear, what's wrong with spraying water? Isn't that how God waters? (c: green beans out of a garden are the best.