Friday, May 18, 2012

Pioneer Preschool End of School Picnic

Today was a full day.  The three girls all had their end of school picnic.  What a blast.  But wow was it a challenge to race around and try to watch all three girls at their events.  That said we were able to capture some precious moments.

The day started with Brianna being WAY too COOL to have her picture taken.

Hadley's favorite event was playing with the parachute pictured above.  She also loved trying to play volleyball with a beach ball.

And what a poser.  The minute she saw the camera on her this is what she did.

Brianna couldn't stop laughing playing with the parachute.

Mia LOVED the obstacle course and was very serious and focused on all the games.  But check out this athletic pose.  Next thing we know she is going to be asking to play volleyball.

Here is a picture of Brianna with her "friend" Jack.  The cutest thing ever though is at the end of the day the girls were playing on the playground and all of a sudden up runs Jack to give Brianna a goodbye hug.  Brianna then as we were leaving realized that this was it.  She started balling and cried for about 10 minutes that she was going to miss Jack and that he was her best friend She was only consoled when told she could invite him to her birthday party and then she asked if we could please invite him over for a playdate.  Bri's teacher said all the girls liked Jack.  And Dan even had to concede that he liked Jack.  However he can't look at this picture because it pains him.  We are so in over our head.

Time to eat

Hadley completed 3 year old preschool and Mia and Bri finished their time at Pioneer Preschool and will be heading to Kindergarten in the fall.

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