Monday, November 10, 2008

Mia's First Haircut!

We had an early 9:00 AM appointment at Sheer Madness this morning. Mia needed her first haircut and so we packed up the whole fam and headed off. The place is pretty sweet. It had the most festive atmosphere - like a gift shop at Disneyland. There was a kid "parlor", a pedicure throne, toy room, and what appeared to be a kids' little gossip hub. They also had hip, Johnson County-type cars for barber seats and little flat screens with cartoons playing at every stylist station.

If I had seen the joint before having kids, I would've been abhorred and lamented over our country's never-ending expression of opulence and indulgence. But now as a father of three girls, I was praising American ingenuity and the free enterprise. "This may not be so bad!" I thought optimistically.

Mia opted for the BMW sports coup - which I thought was a wise choice. There was the Jimmy Johnson NASCAR in the corner and a HUMMER at the far end - both not energy efficient. I'm certain Mia's was a hybrid. Anyhow, she wasn't too comfortable at first (they weren't leather seats) and I had to hold on to her the whole time, but the stylist was great and Mia had just enough distractions to hang in there.

As you can see, just looks absolutely adorable.

The best moment, though, had nothing to do with Mia. Brianna and Hadley were in the stroller taking it all in. While the stylist was working away on Mia, she suddenly let out a "Hooo!" She turned around and said, "Someone just pinched me in the behind!" And right behind her, sat Brianna in her stroller seat, butt-high, beaming proudly from ear to ear.

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grey like snuffie said...

hehehe, a proud parent moment. That is quite the hair place. I'm thinking the glasses give dad a 60's look. I do love peeking into your world. Of course it makes me want a nap when I'm done.