Thursday, November 20, 2008

She Meant to Say "Valentines Day"....

Fatherly Musings While Putting Off The Dishes...

My wife once vowed that she'd never drive a minivan. I vowed that I'd never use the word "Potty." That was 3 girls ago....The #1 phrase you'll hear around the house, "Okay, let's get our babies, and let's get our blankies, and let's get our bottles." Manly...We've made a major switch recently. We swopped out the girls' nightly musical rotation. We're giving the Beijing Choir a break and now have a killer children's worship CD in its stead (called "Sing Over Me"). It's perfect and it gives Elise and I both a peaceful spirit and prompts us to pray even more.

Speaking of which, my favorite crib routine with Bri is when I lay her down on her back, I look at her and let out a monotone, "Mmmmmm." And she looks up at me and with a sparkle in her eyes she says, "Mmmmmmm." This is the international (or at least family) sound for "I want a kiss." So I lift her up in my arms, give her a big smooch, and lay her back down. She then says "Mmmmmmm." and I do it again. Over and over - until I realize that she's playing me and it was all a stall tactic.

Mondays are my day off. My only day off. But "day off" is a euphonism; a pleasant sounding combination of words that does not mirror reality. It just might be my favorite day, but it is not a day off. It is an AHOD day - All Hands On Deck. Technically, it is Elise's day off too. Which, as you might imagine, is not a good combination. Two parents with three girls under the age of two trying to have a day off on the same day does not work, unless you're rich. Then, I'm sure everything's always easier. Anyhow...let me briefly describe my Mondays from just 2 years ago...I'd awake between 9:00 - 9:30. Coffee at HiHat. Newspaper. A book. Some frivilous writing. A walk. A trip to the arboretum, perhaps. Lunch with a friend or with my wife at her fancy office. Workout. Frisbee golf.

But now, my Mondays are my days on. I arrive to work on Tuesday exhausted and all the more in love with my wife. I'm with my daughters for an entire day, my wife is with them ALONE everyday. She once left me with the girls for just an hour and a half. When she finally returned, I was done. Had to take 2 naps. Barely knew my name. Needed an IV.

Man, my job is demanding. And I work hard. But I am a wimp when compared to her. I do NOT, repeat do NOT understand how she can be so devoted, so selfless, so alive.

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