Friday, November 7, 2008

Thrill Seeker

It is so fascinating to see how quickly a personality develops in these little ones. For example, Bri has always been a thrill seeker. I'll never forget our first interaction together. She was about 3 or 4 months old and we were out in the sun-room.. I had just lifted her up in the air over my head. Within seconds of bringing her down into my lap, she raised her arms back into the air and motioned with her eyes that she wanted to be thrown again. My goodness, that girl writes novellas through her eyes. She could co-host "The View" without ever saying a word.

And this has been the theme of her young life - she loves to be scared, spooked, thrown, tossed, swirled, pounced, and - of course - chased. It's the first thing we do when I get home. Mia starts trying to shed my layers (see below) and Bri starts running away. She'll stop every five feet, turn around, cock her head, smile, and dart off again. When I finally fall into pursuit, she lets out the cutest giggle this side of Eden.
It's scary. Notice in the first picture that, as she's being thrown into the air, she knows exactly where the camera is and - at the peak of her ascent - has the wherewithal to flash her blue steel right at it. I have two lifelong prayers for this daughter: we know she's going to charm everyone and it's clear that she'll break many rules, I'm just hoping she'll be an authentic charmer and a breaker of bad rules, not good ones.

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