Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deeble Christmas Tree Chronology

Christmas 2003
Our First Christmas

Christmas 2004

Keiffer Gets a Stocking

Christmas 2005

Daddy's First Ornament to Mia

Our Wait for Mia Begins

Christmas 2006

The Glory Years for Keiffer & Bower

Christmas 2007

Brianna's First Christmas

Mia's First Christmas in China

Christmas 2008

Full Mantel

Full Life

Look What is Under the Tree!

No More Room on the Mantel


Jaira said...

Well the picture of Brianna holding Mia's picture made me cry! I just love crying in my cubicle at work!

Leah said...

I bet Keiffer and Bower are VERY disappointed they have been demoted to the banister!