Friday, December 12, 2008

Tummy Time with Mia

Tummy time for Hadley at the Deeble household is an event. I can't just leave Hadley on the floor to have tummy time for fear of her life. So I have to sit beside her. So most of the time I sit beside her and praise her. She of course hates tummy time just like her older sister Bri.

One thing that has made me a little sad is that we have missed some of these milestones with Mia. Well not tummy time. The last three times that we had done tummy time, the minute I picked Hadley up from her blanket Mia would go get on the blanket and imitate Hadley. Yesterday she got on the floor right beside Hadley and laid there on her belly and lifted her head and legs. It was the most hilarious thing. Mia then decided that her baby and Bri's baby also had to do tummy time and then before I knew it Brianna also joined. It was a sight to behold. I kept wishing that I had a camera. But I of course could not leave Hadley on the floor with the girls to go get it.
The first shot below is not a good one but the only one that I could get of Mia doing tummy time. After Hadley's tummy time session yesterday, I flipped her over onto her back and Mia got down on the floor right next to her like you will see in the second picture. Brianna was place there for the pic.

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dan said...

I love this post! (and you).