Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sisterhood of Traveling Car Seats

We had an unbelievable journey to Winter Park. Our girls are stud travelers! I'm buying them a Euro-rail pass right now, because they were born for this thing.

We made it in under 12 hours - which included just 3 stops (not including a rest area stop for the two of us NOT in diapers): A McDonald's in Hays, a McDonald's in Limon, and a Starbucks at the base of the Rockies. The DVD didn't get even introduced until Colorado.

Of course, my wife deserves all the credit. She had this traveling gig down to a science. The dear soul stayed up until 12:30 AM to pack the van while I slept. When we pulled out of the garage at 4:06 AM that morning, everything had its place, there was an "in-door changing station", packed meals, and toys all within proper reach. When we did stop, we fed and changed the girls in the van and let them climb around while Elise nursed Hadley.

My only contribution, which I'm rather proud of, was to feed Mia and Bri by tearing off a piece of their food and dropping it in their bib. They quickly figured out that all they had to do was to reach down and pluck out a bite. No plates, no mats...just bibs used for holding AND catching. Genius, really.

We now have a new-found confidence for our trip to Cali this summer.

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Linköpinglivin' said...

And what a blessed time in Cali it will be, Deeble quintet. Love it.