Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm a Poser Bohemian

I grew up in the burbs and I live in the burbs now. I drive a burb-car. And, sometimes, an even more burb-like van. We have two garage doors. They open with a button that I click. We have a front yard, a side yard, and a back yard. Picket fence. We buy our art from Bed Bath and Beyond, our clothes from Old Navy. My socks match my pants. Always. We have 8 pillows on our bed, our duvee sports a sunny, floral design.
I love this life I live - with my beautiful wife and 3 incredible daughters (whom I miss, BIG TIME). And truthfully, there really is nothing bohemian about me.
And yet downtown has always been my favorite place to be. Here, the coffee tastes better and people seem more interesting. And this is what makes my study leave this week so inspiring. A friend from church runs what's called the "Arts Incubator" in the Crossroads District - a 3 story "warehouse" of art exhibit spaces, reception rooms, and art studios. He gave me a key and free run of the joint. It's a perfect place of solitude, though, because I no longer live bohemian hours and have yet to see a real live artist at work. Truth is, I think I'm more boomer than I want to admit.
Here are some pix.

From the street looking up.
This is "my" studio that was loaned to me for the week.

The Art Incubator just happens to sit on one of my favorites streets, across from one of the more popular eating joints in town.

How about that for a sun nook, huh?

One just feels cool when down here.

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