Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bedtime Conversations

So Bri has been on a robe kick. On a nightly basis, she asks for it - and her pipe....We've also been reading a great new book called, "The Boy Who Wouldn't Share." It's about Edward who would not share any of his toys with his sister, Claire. It begins, "Edward was a frightful boy who would not share a single toy." And he looked the part - greedy, gloomy, and miserable. So when I turn each page, the girls and I have the following conversation:
"Girls, does Edward look happy?" I ask.
"No, sad." They reply quickly and in unison.
"How come?" I ask....
At that, Mia and Bri would never really know what to say next. So I decided to try on a new little family axiom: "Because there's no joy in hoarding," I'd answer, annunciating each word with great deliberation.
And for days I would always repeat this at the end of each page and began to wonder when the girls might catch on. Last night, Bri finally gave it a shot. I asked, "How come?" She grinned knowingly and said, "Bo yoi ge oar-eng!"

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