Friday, May 15, 2009

thoughts while downloading coldplay's free live album

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So I'm on day 5. Which any addict will tell you is still not enough time to see if you're truly free. But 5 days is still a long time to be without something, anything - let alone your sweet wife and raging-with-life little girls. And after those 5 days, I have thoughts:
  • Life alone for a day, good. Two days, rich. Three days, bad.

  • Domestication wanes.

  • Sleep habits are easily broken. College sleep is primal.

  • We need darker shades.

  • Keiffer and Bower have become kids again.

  • They may even get a walk today.

  • Call your wife even when you think it's not a good time.

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches go well with coffee.

  • The Royals bring me no solace.

  • All my girls need is their "Poppy." Apparently.

  • I'm a jealous human being.

  • Mia and Bri discovered their sense of smell this week.

  • Hadley became a sitter-upper.

  • I missed both occasions while sitting at home listening to sports radio.

  • Sports radio is like chinese water torture.

  • I miss my wife less if I make my bed.

  • This is the first time all spring that I've mowed in daylight.

  • My neighbor, Jeff, offerred to loan me a headlamp.

  • Work begets work.

  • Working late is over-rated.

  • I have not washed bibs in 5 days.

  • Our painter is addicted to my coffee.

  • I'm keeping a tab.

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