Monday, June 8, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Butde and Papa's gift to Bri for her 2nd birthday (next month) was a special trip to Build-a-Bear. Bri was amazing. She walked right up to the bear she wanted, grabbed it off the shelf, and then pranced around the store looking for accessories. I'm afraid that I saw my future pass right before my eyes.

Mia wasn't quite as sure about the whole thing - other than the computer station. This was the second time Butde and Papa have taken her and she's yet to pick out a bear. We then took her to the Disney Store and she wanted nothing to do with that either. Oh well. We'll keep trying. She has, however, been fascinated with Bri's bear box. She can break it down and build it back together - our little mechanical genius. One day she'll proudly walk out of that store with her own....

Bri was "miss in charge" and might as well have been carrying a Gap bag behind her.

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