Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Long Beach

Since the girls live in the middle of the country and have yet to see the beach, we thought we would bring a little bit of Long Beach to Kansas.

Butde and Papa just came for a little visit while on there way to a family reunion in Mississippi. So I (Elise) had the thought that while Papa was here of giving him a project. Afterall, I didn't want him to get bored. :)

I had been debating putting a sandbox in the backyard for about a month. I have tons of fond memories of playing in the sandbox with my sister Amaris. (I don't know where my sister Jaira was in those memories. But I digress. )

The reason for the debate, of course, is the mess of sand. How would I get three girls cleaned up and into the house without getting sand in the house. But the supporting argument was that there is no way I can take the girls to the park or the pool by myself so I need to make the backyard as fun as possible. Otherwise we all start to go stir crazy by being in the house all the time. And pushing the girls on the swing set is fun only so long.

Well, the sandbox started out simple. Just a litle 5'x5' box 12" inches deep with a bit of sand. That was the sandbox that Papa signed up to do before leaving California. By the time Papa arrived in Kansas the box was 8'Lx8'Wx18"H with a water feature. He took the news really really well though when I broke it to him.

I bought and modified a plan from off of the internet. Let me tell you this thing is built like Fort Knox. After numerous trips to home depot and Schutte's lumber yard, 3 days of carpentry work, digging twelve 18" post holes, transplanting 64 square feet of grass, burrying 100 feet of underground hose, shoveling and wheelbarrowing 4 tons of sand, lots of tylenol, and lots of stressing about how big and how much it cost, the sand box is done.

Was it worth the week of back breaking work and second mortgage on our house you might ask? Let me just answer it this way. I got to play outside in the yard for two hours this morning while the girls completely entertained themselves and Hadley napped. We only had 1 time out the entire time. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Construction Photos:


grey like snuffie said...

I LOVE these little projects you take on...Dan married well. :o)

Betty W. said...

Do Butde and PaPa live close to MO MO?

Stewart Family Blog said...

you are amazing and so cool! wow!

Shannon said...

those pictures are awesome...I'm the wife of the guy who designed the sandbox you built with your fatherinlaw (he forwarded the email because it meant alot to him to see the pictures and happy faces along with your nice feedback) ....I most definately agree with was worth the time and money putting ours in the backyard too...we have 3 boys (6, 5, and 2 currently) and it's alot of fun! I'm thankful Chris provided you and the girls with alot of backyard fun!

DAN said...

Note Dan in the flip flops by the pile of sand...can we say "kid duty"?!

Z-girl said...

Most impressive, Elise! So glad you have a backyard "retreat" to enjoy with the girls. Good job!

Chris said...

I'm considering building one like this. Can you tell me about how much the materials cost you? Thanks.