Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mo Strikes Again

To make a long story short, Mo sent gifts for the girls for Bri's birthday in July. However, Bri's mommy after peeking in the box couldn't wait till then.

Could you have waited if you had opened the box and seen these adorable babies wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow?

She made these dolls for the girls. Are they not amazing. Mia's doll has brown eyes and Bri and Hadley's blue. Talk about an act of love. We are just so honored by the time and love that went into making these.

We had a party opening up all the gifts from Mo. And with Brianna around a party has to include dancing. Here are the girls dancing in one of their new dresses from Mo. Does Mo have style or what?

Lastly, if you have young kids you have to check out our new favorite children's books that Mo sent: "Knuffle Bunny" and "Knuffle Bunny Too". The cutest part is that the girls have started fake laughing in the same spots that Dan laughs when he reads them. They are great.

Mo, thanks again for all the love and spoiling.

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