Thursday, June 4, 2009

my wife

So I have this friend. Let's call him "Frank." And "Frank" is a good man. He's an honorable man and kind. He's just not mechanical. Like me. This is why we're friends.

So "Frank" and I were talking on the phone Monday night. His daughter's birthday party is this Saturday, he said. All the 'n-laws were coming in for a party. And he was in charge of putting together his daughter's miniature kitchen set.

He was nervous about it and I was nervous for him. (I got even more nervous when my wife later showed me the online reviews for this play set - click here to sample a few.)

That's when the thought came to me: I should send my wife to take over the project. It could be our birthday gift to them and it could save their marriage.*** At dinner, I pitched the idea to Elise. She began to nod her head contemplatively and rocked one leg over the other. She was thinking and I could tell they were good thoughts.

This is who my wife is and it amazes me. Some Moms need to shop. Others need to have "girl time." My wife? She needs a project and power tools. Nothing brings her more alive. We finished dinner. She gave Hadley her bottle. We bathed the girls and put them down. She raced downstairs, hopped online and began to research the scope of the project.

Then, like my superhero, she opened her jumbo-sized diaper bag and tossed in her 18v DeWalt cordless drill and an assortment of other tools. She slung it over her shoulder, gave me a distracted kiss, and sped away in her minivan.


Postscript: Just a few minutes ago, the phone rang. It was "Frank." I was surprised to hear from him because I thought he was "helping" Elise. I said, "What are you doing 'Frank?'
He said, "Well, your wife just told me that the job would go better if I actually didn't help."

I love my wife.

***I write this line for comedic purposes only and it is not meant to be taken literally (of course).


Stewart Family Blog said...

i love this post!

Z-girl said...

Elise, from a fellow female power tool owner (my sister also is a proud member of our club) I high 5 you! A small group focused on power tools may be in order!