Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of Preschool

So the girls had their first official day of preschool.

As an aside, neither Dan nor I realized how much parental engagement has to go into preschool. I am hoping and praying that we don't become dud parents and forget a bunch of stuff: show and tell days, banners they have to color, baby pictures to be brought in, class parties, picture day. Yeesh. This is just preschool.

Our little "Me Too" Hadley had to get in the picture. Mia and Brianna only remind Hadley numerous times of day that she is too little to go to school. Hadley's new mantra is becoming "Me Too". It is really breaking my heart.
When I dropped the girls off this morning the director came out to the car, I got both girls out of their car seat and she took their hands to walk them in. Hadley started screaming "Get Me, Get Me". Poor thing. This is going to be the story of her life.

The car line. One of the main determining factors for us selecting this preschool is that they have car side drop off and pickup. You can all be praying that I never hit a child in the process. It is a challenge to hold up the girls name signs, slowly move forward, make sure I don't hit any kids and look for my kids all at the same time. And then today I was trying to take pictures. Now I understand why they also ask that you not be on your cell phone in the car line. Not a good idea. I am sure I will get better at it. Hadley and I were one of the firsts in the line today. Hadley is all excited to pick them up.


pam said...

So much fun to come....and such special sweet time for Hadley as she has mom to herself...something the other girls haven't really had....good times. HAVE FUN!
Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know." Jer. 33:3 This has gotten us through almost 25 years of parenting. Our children are each unique...each family is unique...thankful He knows what all you need and what your children really need...SO MUCH FUN TO COME!!!!!

Stewart Family Blog said...

thankful to read your updates and see the girls. God bless you in this new season of school, soccer and all of the day to day beautiful life you have. miss you guys!