Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Latest Neighbor

We seriously should have boys to live in this house. Not only do we have a half court basketball court in the backyard, woods behind us with a creek below, but we live in critter ville (no wonder we got it for a good price): lizards, walking sticks, mice (yes mice!!!), TONS of spiders and now a groundhog.

We Deeble girls just can't fully appreciate all of this. Dan tried to forewarn me of what a wooded backyard and creek might entail but I was in denial due to the beauty and privacy.

This is a picture of our latest friend. We also think he solves the mystery of the gigantic hole under our front porch. This picture does not truly represent our little friend's size. He is HUGE. I am still amazed at how he squeezes his fat body under the fence. Little does he know that if he just put one paw on the fence it would fall down.

I will just say this. If I ever see him in the backyard while I am also in the backyard then we will be hiring Critter Control to relocate him.

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