Thursday, September 2, 2010


Dan and I had a retreat at church so Aunt Mei Mei (Amaris) took the girls to their first soccer lesson.

Funny things about the lesson:
1. Mommy ran around to two different Targets to get them matching little athletic shirts and shorts
2. Bri insisted on wearing her shin guards outside of her socks
3. Girls received a gigantic t-shirt that they have to wear each time that completely covers their shorts. No more cute outfits.
4. Girls were at first handed an obnoxious orange shirt and my sister chased down the teacher and said their mother will kill me if I come home with the ugliest color on the team. The girls now have green shirts
5. Amaris said that she and the girls were by far the worst listens of the bunch and never seemed to be doing what everyone else was doing
6. The girls had to go potty and didn't even finish their lesson
7. The field was horribly hot and the girls climbed into the car and wanted to strip their clothes off
8. Aunt Mei, Mei learns that our van air conditioning was broken
9. We are hoping and praying that this next Saturday goes a little smoother. :)

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