Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the Trend Continues.....

  • Tues: School cancelled due to snow
  • Tues: Hadley got sick
  • Thurs: Mia got sick and still no school due to snow
  • Thurs PM: Elise spent night at friend's house while their youngest was admitted to Children's Mercy hospital with croup (best night sleep in a long time). Friend's little one now fine.
  • Sun: Brianna got sick
  • Mon: Mia got sicker
  • Tues: Spent 2 hours during nap time at pediatricians with all THREE girls in 6x6 room
  • Tues: Spent rest of evening trying to recover from foul mood
  • Wed: Mia diagnosed with strep
  • Wed: Took Bri to be tested for strep
  • Thurs: Hadley threw up in sleep
  • Still waiting on Bri's backup strep results
  • Yet another week of no preschool and a typical Winter with the Deebles*

* Honestly thankful that minor illnesses are our only complaint. We are truly blessed.

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