Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deeble January Review

  • Jan 1 - Fri Jan 14: Blur of sick kids, sick parents, snow days, missed stuff
  • Jan 14 - Jan 16: Elise's Sisters and nieces visit. A little plumbing, a little tiling, a little sledding, a little sleep and a LOT of sick kids and sick adults.
  • Jan 16 - Jan 21: Elise stuck in house for 6 days straight. Serenity Now!!!
  • Jan 22: Elise OUT OF THE HOUSE!
  • Jan 22: Elise and Brianna spend 4 hours (8pm to midnight) at Children's Mercy Urgent Care. Diagnosis-ear infection, eczema and sinus infection
  • Jan 24 AM: Hadley to doctor. Diagnosis-sinus infection
  • Jan 24, Noon: Elise to doctor. Diagnosis: sinus infection
  • Jan 24, PM: Dan to doctor. Diagnosis: sinus infection
  • Hundreds of dollars later. Four happier drugged Deebles
  • Jan 25 AM: Girls finally healthy. Elise rejoicing. Preschool!!!!
  • Jan 26: Woo hoo. Girls all out at Mother's Together and Kids Together
  • Jan 28: Nana and Poppy visit. Deebles do inaugural babysitting swap with Swobs.
  • Jan 29: Dance class, birthday party
  • Jan 30: Elise and girls back to church, flying high, all girls healthy, life back to normal
  • Jan 31st: Hadley back to doctor. Diagnosis - dislocated arm (sister ). Popped back in
  • Feb 1 AM: Elise back to crying. 12+ inches of snow, preschool canceled
  • Feb 1 PM: Hadley wakes up from nap burning up with fever
  • Here we go again.

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Rachelle said...

Oh, you poor thing! Hang in there, Elise. You are going to make it through this!