Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Birthday Present

So on Friday while Dan and the girls played outside, I played inside. For those that know me, I am passionate about home remodeling, decorating and in particular organization. Nothing makes me happier than to absolutely maximize a small space. Well since the dogs needed to start sharing my laundry room, the laundry room situation became dire. I promise not to do too many of these posts. But this one just has me giddy so I couldn't resist.

My biggest challenge is FOLDING LAUNDRY. So the consultant in me finally analyzed the situation and realized that I was wasting so much time and did not have an efficient process. But now....Wa La.

No more piles and piles of clean laundry in the family room or our bedroom. Rod, brackets and shelf are compliments of Home Depot and the wall cubbies are Ikea.

My first Ikea purchase and I am IN LOVE. So are Brianna and Mia. The girls can't wait for their cubby to have clean clothes in them so that they can take them to their room. I also (all done with birthday money) got a wall mount ironing board. Brianna asks me almost daily how old does she have to be before she can iron.

If only I could somehow bottle up this 3 year old enthusiasm so when they are 13 they can't wait to put their clothes away and iron. A girl can dream.

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pam said...

Well done....I so hope you have gone online to suggest to Ikea that they NEED to open a store in KC. Our daughters are SO IN LOVE with that store.

Maybe you should buy a fake, toy iron and let her pretend. May God in heaven bless you with one who loves to iron....I actually have a couple of freaky friends who love to iron....SO NOT MY IDEA OF FUN!

This morning's conversation at coffee was how the kids that do the best when they leave home are the ones who learned early how to take care of their own things....how to sometimes fail when they didn't do what they were supposed to...at home and school and actually had consequences. Most of us have older kids and it seemed that the people we knew who did everything for their kids or who were REALLY CONTROLLING, nagging and never allowing their kids to fail were the ones with kids REALLY HAVING FUN (ie....getting into LOTS of trouble) when they left home and struggling. I say LET HER IRON! :o)