Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Dogs New Life

As if our house isn't crazy and loud enough, we now get to spend half the day listening to our dogs cry about their new Winter life. And we were just rejoicing on how we don't have any baby gates anymore. Well.....

The hard thing with two dogs is that you don't really know who to blame so they both have to endure the consequences. But the net net is that every Winter we have suffered through bad behavior. But when they were our ONLY children and we were obnoxious, childless dog owners it wasn't as big a deal.

But on Saturday, after the second week of peeing in the house at least once a day, the straw that broke the camels back is that one of them left me some other presents up in the hall (of course on the carpet).

Ironically I came up with the laundry room solution so that they could see us and have their food and water with them. But they WON'T eat while in captivity. They wait until I let them out and have the gate open.

For those dog lovers out there, don't worry they don't spend the whole day in there. Just some of the key times when they are naughty.

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