Friday, March 27, 2009

Dan's Dreaded Day is Here.

What dare you ask? Three bibs.

Yep it is officially here. Three high chairs and three bibs.

Until now Hadley has been eating cereal in her bouncy seat with a cloth bib that I (Elise) throw in the wash. But today Hadley moved up to her high chair and therefore a bib that has to be washed out in the sink. Washing bibs is a dreaded activity by both Dan and myself. Dan tried to make a deal with me the other day that would exempt him from ever having to wash out a bib again. But I did not take the deal. Do I look like I was born yesterday.

So girls, someday I hope you know how much your parents love you. The fact that we washed 9 bibs a day should be a testament to it.

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