Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mia!

Yesterday was Mia's second birthday. Daddy came home a little early and we had a small Deeble Family 5 birthday party. Mommy decorated the dining room while the girls napped. Or I should say while Hadley and Mia napped and Bri talked and protested for an hour and half.

The girls woke up to Daddy coming home and a festive house. It was so fun to see how delighted they were by the balloons and cake. It is amazing how just the simple things fascinate them. How sad that we lose that so quickly.

I think all that Mia really neeeded for her Birthday was a helium balloon. As is Mia's style she started off unsure of the balloon and then slowly became delighted with it. Brianna of course was delighted at first sight. Hadley as always was the little angel baby. So fun!

Daddy got Mia a little band set. Nana and Poppy got the girls bikes for their birthdays. Yeah Brianna scored and got hers early.

And Butde and Papa surprised us last weekend by deciding to jump in the car and drive from Winter Park to take Mia to Build a Bear. Unfortunately Mia was not quite sure of Build a Bear. So we are going to have to take her back with Bri and pick out her bear. Brianna will love it and therefore make Mia more comfortable with the whole thing. So needless to say Mia had a wonderful second birthday.

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Laura and Chris Heinz said...

Dan and Elise,
Thank you for your blog! It's such a treat to hear about what's going on with the "munchkins". I lost the web adress to the blog, and just came across it, and it's fun seeing what's new. Your girls are absolutely beautiful and adorable, and some of those pics take my breath away. I know it's easy to get caught up in the chaos and confusion and focus on all that stuff, but you've managed to focus on all the really good, priceless things about your babies in this blog. Keep it coming!
-Laura Heinz