Friday, March 27, 2009

Pretending to be a Baby

So Mia's all time favorite past time is to pretend to be a baby. Her favorite baby activity is to be burped by Mommy. Mia has a specific fake cry that she uses that signals that Baby Mia is in the house. I just recently learned to put this favorite activity to good use. Big girl Mia likes to brush her teeth all by herself but does not like Mommy to brush them. However baby Mia loves it when Mommy brushes her teeth.

Here are some pics of sister Brianna getting into the game. The first picture Bri is the baby and Mia was the mommy. Mia was rocking and "shhhhing" the baby. Priceless

The second picture is Bri's new favorite past time. Climbing into the bouncy seat all by herself. If this bouncy seat survives this round it will be the last well constructed item that has been manufactured within the last decade.

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