Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mo and Poppa

Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo!

Today Mia, Brianna and Hadley woke up to find that the mailman had delivered these while they slept.

"Did Mo send Mia a birthday present", I asked myself when I opened the box. Two in fact! And a present for Bri and another for Hadley. Hadley is showing all the presents in the below picture.

Mo, Mia loves the memory cards and more than anything loves putting them into the box. And every girl has to have their own pair of bunny and giraffe slippers. They are way too cute. Hadley thinks all of the gifts are hers as does Brianna of course. Hadley has yet to play with the giraffe toy you got her because Mia is so enthralled with it. So I guess it all works out to be fair in the end.

And Finally, Mo, you have to stop spoiling the Deebles. What did we ever do to deserve this? All I remember is that it all started over the love of Yorkie Poos and then progressed somehow into spoiling us rotten.

Mo and Poppa, your generosity no longer even registers on the scale. We have been showered more by you in the last 3+ years than most people get in a lifetime. We can't thank you enough!

p.s. Dan here. I agree with everything that my wife just wrote, except for the "you have to stop" part.

p.p.s Elise here. Yes you can stop whenever you want and let's face it who is the boss of this family.

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Bonnie said...

I have always told Tim, being married to him is a dream come true. Having his family as mine, is my bonus package. :-)

Happy Birthday Mia!!!

Bonnie Wrubel