Friday, March 27, 2009

The Little Mommy

So while Mia likes to pretend to be a baby, Brianna is a born mother. Her baby rarely leaves her side. A large majority of her play activities include her baby. When she is upset her cry is "Baby Ahgi". Ahgi is the girls word for their blankie.

It is so amazing how much the girls observe and learn. Yesterday I pulled out the baby sling that someone from Heartland was kind enough to make us as a baby present for Bri. I pulled it out yesterday to see what Hadley and I thought of wearing her on my hip.

Well later that day there is Brianna wearing it and wanting help putting her baby in it. After I took a picture of her, she proceeded to direct me to take more. And she does it all by gesturing and with her own words. The funny thing about that is that if you knew Brianna, you would understand exactly what I am describing.
In the following pictures she is demonstrating the different ways to carry your baby in a sling:

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