Monday, October 27, 2008

My Daughter Has A Shopping Addiction

It was no later than 9 AM this morning. I was still in my morning attire. My coffee barely cooled. When Bri started to chant "Bye Bye." She stomped to the garage door, turned to me, and pointed in the direction of the mini-van. I told her it was far too early to go anywhere. So she grabbed her Royals visor. I told her that we'd go later. She put on her pink hat. I ignored her. She grabbed her sweater. I pleaded my case. She went and got her jacket. I began to whine. She just pointed at her shoes, looked at me with demanding eyes, and said "Bye. Bye."

So we went to Hyvee. Then to Legends Outdoor Mall. We bought her shoes. She loves shoes. Sneakers, slippers, rain boots, velcro shoes, it doesn't matter. She has a thing for them. At night, she grabs them out of the closet and tries to put them on over her pajama jumper.

Guess we'll have to get Papa back out to build that walk-in closet sooner than I planned.

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YvetteC said...

Now that's my kind of girl! My youngest daughter has the same addiction!