Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Vacation Rental...

We were in a groove. It was a beautiful day. The whole family took our first walk. Leaves were turning. Neighbors were chatty. Good friends brought by a 1/2 gallon of Murray's ice cream. The night before, another friend dropped off a handle of 1554. Butde had prepared a midwestern meal. We had a simple goal: get the girls down, eat ice cream and watch game 7. Everything seemed headed that way; we were on pace. In the bathtub, there was laughing and singing and dancing. "Hadley Who" was downstairs sleeping under the care of Butde.

And then Brianna fell.

On the bathroom tile. Head-first. Her head split open like a melon. There was blood. There were tears. Bri was also crying - and hyperventilating. Mia was confused.

So we decided that I (dad) should take her to our second home -what I call our "vacation rental": Children's Mercy Hospital. For a mere $30 co-pay, you can take your children to this destination resort, complete with Wyland-like depictions of sea creatures on the wall, all the toys a kid could want, and cable. When we were released around 11 PM that night, the hourly rate was down to a mere $7/hr.

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