Saturday, October 18, 2008


For the last few mornings, we have worried whether the girls' room has been too cold. It's always tough to know. Do we leave the fan on at night? If so, on "high" or on "low?" Do we put them in onesie's or just in their pajamas? Socks or no socks? Thick sleepsack or thin? Oh the questions are endless.

Normally, Elise is the better gauge. She's always more in tune to issues of temperature. I, of course, can be rather clueless about such things. I really don't realize whether I am hot or cold until Elise asks me. If we're driving together, for example, she'll ask me "Aren't you hot?" And I'll think about it for a while. I'll then observe that the car's heat has been on high and blasting our faces for the past 20 minutes. Then I will casually respond, "Why yes, why yes I am."

Happens all the time.

All that to say, normally she's our benchmark for determining whether our girls' teeth will chatter throughout the night. But ever since Elise's pregnancy, her hormones have skewed her ability to gauge, among other things. So we really just now kind of wing it.

So the last few mornings, both Mia and Bri's skin has seemed a bit frosty. And when I would grab her from the crib, Mia would pat her head continuously (which is sign language for "hat"). This, I deemed, was her way of saying that she wanted to wear her skater beanie not just for style, but for warmth - knowing that it would accomplish both.
But we didn't have their skater beanie anywhere. In fact, I had no hats to offer her cold head. But I did have a diaper. A swimming diaper. With little Dora the Explorer on the front. Mia, in fact, had the idea first. She brought it to me and, if I remember correctly, began to motion again to her head. And I thought, "These diapers have padding. They have layers, of sorts. Minus a few holes, they'll fit tight and snug around the head and thus, trap all of its heat."

So I put it on her. And she liked it.
Then Bri wanted her own diaper. On her head.
So I told Mia to get her one. And she did.
Then I felt left out and asked myself if I too had a cold head.
"Why yes, why yes I do," I said.


Rachel said...

How darling & hilarious! Keep this picture! It will come in handy years from now for proms, first dates, weddings, etc. I know, it's an eternity away, but these are the photos that my parents kept that I absolutely adore and treasure!


YvetteC said...

Really LOL!! That is hilarious!