Friday, October 31, 2008

She Looks Even More Beautiful

Just when we didn't think it was possible Mia got even more beautiful. Mia, Brianna, Hadley and I (Elise) picked up her glasses yesterday. First of all let me tell you what a sight I am pushing a double stroller and holding a 19 month olds hand (with a monkey leash on of course). It only took about 15 minutes to get inside. Anyway that is beside the point.

It was a struggle to even get her to try them on at the eye shop. We would only get 1 second glances of them on her before she would rip them off and that was with me pinning her arms. So making adjustments to get them to fit right was a challenge. I was told to expect to be back a ton in the beginning to get them adjusted. In the shop, I was starting to despair that this was going to be a nightmare. But the lady kept trying to reassure me that once I got home she would probably react differently and that most kids realize right away that they can see better and so they leave them alone. She also said whatever I do don't put them on her before we get home. Some parents make the fatal flaw of putting them on them for the first time in the car and when they get home the glasses are demolished.

So we waited till we got home. It was a struggle to get them on her again for the first time. I had to pin her arms with my legs because she was too fast for me. But just like we were told it only took a moment of them being on before Mia realized she could see and she never took them off again. She is actually quite proud of them as you will see from the pictures.

We are also quite proud of Brianna. She has only ripped off Mia's glasses once. I think she too quickly realized that Mia needed them and has since left them alone. They say that twins (which is mostly how Mia and Brianna behave) have a way of communicating with each other.

We just think she looks even cuter and Dan and I both find ourselves just staring at her. We find joy in watching her see things in an all new light: books, her favorite tree, her food, etc. So again God has turned something that we thought would be a bummer into something more beautiful than we ever would have imagined.

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