Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Walk - a poem

I found your blankie at the bridge
Bright pink draped over a rail
Glimmering at high noon...

It had been a great walk.
I returned in triumph. Good dad.
Takes his kids on walks.

I asked you where your blankie was
You stared blankly back. Bad dad.
Never pays attention.

I got in the car and broke many laws
Up streets and down, double-back
Looking for your blankie.

I prepared my speech to Mom
And I planned forgeries for you.
Barefoot, I ran through the park.

I felt wild; I felt lost.

So much on the line.
Your nap, your bedtime, your A.C.T. score
I made my last turn. Barefoot.

There it was. I looked around
Gold for any one's taking.
My arms raised. Rocky style.

good dad.

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