Monday, October 27, 2008

Butde and Papa Stuck in Salina

Well, what do you get for giving up 5 weeks of your life and driving the RV to Kansas to play with the granddaughters and fix your kid's house? Not a lot, apparently. Butde and Papa left on Saturday and made it no farther than Salina, KS. Their radiator blew and they are now having to spend the week in western Kansas.
But the "Good People" story of the day is that friends from church have family in Salina. I made two quick calls and, voila, they're currently enjoying a home cooked meal in their home. Things like that just don't happen on the coasts, I'll tell yeeewww.
p.s. If you're interested in a mint conditioned RV with no radiator, please call Butde. Don't call Papa, be sure to call Butde at 562.555.1234

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