Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodbye Butde and Papa!

After 5+ weeks, we said goodbye to Butde and Papa tonight. They will pack up their RV and head out early tomorrow morning. It was really sad to watch them drive away - they have been absolutely amazing.

We'd like to log just some of the things they've done for us over that time.

  • installed jambrace reinforcements to all of our doors
  • put weather stripping on our upstairs windows

  • changed all the hinges on our doors and installed new doorknobs upstairs

  • fixed our upstairs bathroom door

  • mowed our lawn three times

  • added some safety features to our backyard swingset

  • installed a hot water spiget

  • built a new laundry shelf in the basement

  • mounted all of the bookshelves to the wall

  • installed a sensor light in the backyard

  • fixed our light switch to the basement

  • mounted our bathroom towel bars

  • fixed the leak on the fridge icemaker

  • made 42 trips to Home Depot

  • taught Mia how to use a screwdriver

And Butde was no slouch either. She:
  • ran approximately 34 loads of laundry

  • made a chicken ole

  • made 2 different rounds of her famous Mac'n'Cheese

  • made flank steak

  • the most incredible pulled apart chicken sandwiches

  • 2 different rounds of tilipia

  • 2 rounds of beef brisket

  • a pot roast

  • a pork loin

  • a chicken and broccolli casserole

  • made chicken enchiladas

  • made beef and noodles

  • made a spanish chorizo soup

  • 2 casseroles of Beef and Noodle Au Gratin

  • 2 casseroles of ground beef stroganoff

  • made 17 Hyvee trips, 12 Henhouse trips, 8 Costco runs

  • washed 342 baby bowls, 223 sippy cups, 523 bibs

  • cleared at least 35 dishwashers
And, of course, Butde and Papa were courageous and brave enough to hang with the girls while we were at the hospital for 2 1/2 days when Hadley was born. That was the greatest gift of all.

Most importantly, it was so fun to see how attached our girls grew to them. Now, when Bri, wakes up, she'll first shout, "Daddy!?" Then "Mia. Mia! Mia!" Then "Mama! Mama!" Then...."Appi" (meaning Butde) and "Papa?!? Papa?!" Anyone to pay her some attention.
Our favorite memory will forever be how the girls would rush to the back door whenever Butde and Papa arrived. Their car would pull up, we'd shout "Butde and Papa are here!" and then the girls would race to the door and press their faces up against the storm door.

We love you Butde and Papa. Thank you!

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Apie and Papa said...

Boo Hoo, We were sad to drive away too. We didn't get far! Broke down in the plains of KS. Waited five hours for a tow and hauled the motorhome a Kenworth Dealer. Never thought we would get to see Saline up close and personal. Mom wants to sell the RV immediately! Maybe it's time? We wish we were at your sidedoor right now instead of being here on the plains of KS. Love and Miss Ya'll. Papa and Apie